Hanford Reach Steelheading Starts Out Good

As long as today’s topics involve radioactive game, we might as well post a fresh fishing report for the Hanford Reach:

As forwarded from Paul Hoffarth, a WDFW bio, via Joe Hymer, another bio:

On September 4 the Hanford Reach was opened for the retention of hatchery steelhead. This included all waters of the Columbia River from the Hwy 395 bridge upstream to Priest Rapids Dam. A estimated total of 240 hatchery steelhead were harvested in the first nine days of this fishery. The bank and boat fishery for steelhead at Ringold has been relatively slow so far. Both the upper Reach steelhead and fall chinook fisheries are off to a strong start.  At Ringold only 6 steelhead were reported from 49 bank anglers. Boat anglers did not fair any better with 25 steelhead reported from 93 boats (208 anglers).

Unclipped steelhead accounted for 55% of the catch overall. The unclipped component is comprised of both hatchery and wild steelhead as not all hatchery steelhead are marked (clipped) in the Upper Columbia.  Impacts to Wild versus unclipped hatchery steelhead will be determined based on a review of steelhead sampled at the Priest Rapids Adult fish ladder trap and returns to Ringold Springs Hatchery.


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