Columbia River Salmon Update

The word(s) today from Joe Hymer, a fisheries biologist in Vancouver:

Through Sept. 12 there have been an estimated 86,700 salmonid angler trips from the Rocky Point/Tongue Point line upstream to Bonneville Dam with 12,300 chinook, 5,100 steelhead, and 700 coho kept and 2,900 steelhead and 150 coho released.  The pre-season total kept Chinook catch was expected to be 17,200 fish.

WDFW staff interviewed 184 boats this past week (434 anglers) in the Hanford Reach.  An estimated 585 adults and 58 jacks were harvested for the week. For the season an estimated 708 adult and 68 jacks have been harvested.  Harvest this year is well above last year at this time (439 adults, 132 jacks).  Boats are averaging a little less than a chinook per boat.

The latter report originates with Paul Hoffarth, a WDFW fisheries bio in Tri-Cities.


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