Alsea Man Could Face $15K Fine For Killing 7×6 Elk

If convicted of killing a 7×6 trophy bull elk on private property earlier this month, an Oregon man could face a $15,000 civil fine because of a new law that went into effect earlier this year.

According to a state police press release issued today, Adam Schreiber, 28, of the Alsea area, was arrested Sept. 10 for illegally killing that elk as well as a spike on Sept. 1.


The incident occurred west of the town of Alsea — where bowhunting for elk is currently open — but on private land on the bottom of the Alsea River valley, according to Senior Trooper James Halsey.

The case began with an anonymous tip, the officer added, but he was tight-lipped about further details.

Schreiber was cited to appear in Benton County Circuit Court for:

* Exceeding Bag Limit – Elk

* Hunting on Another’s Cultivated Enclosed Land

* Borrowing a Big Game Tag / Archery – Elk

He was also hit with a citation for unlawfully possessing the rack of a 5×5 elk on a skull.

The civil fine stems from a law that went into effect Jan. 1. Under Oregon Revised Statute 496.705, the Fish & Wildlife Commission can institute suits to recover damages for the illegal takings of large game animals, including “elk with at least six points on one antler.”

Other fines for convictions include:

* $7,500 for mule deer with at least four points on one antler, blacktail with three points on one antler, whitetail with four points on one antler and antelope with one horn 14 inches or greater.

* $25,000 for “mountain sheep” with at one full-curl horn and for mountain goats with one horn 5 inches or longer.


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