There’s A Freakin’ Deer In Seattle

In the days when yours truly was wooing his future wife at the dive bars and dance halls of Capitol Hill above downtown Seattle, I saw some pretty furry critters (as well as some excessively clean-shaven ones, if you get my drift), but this one is wholly unexpected: A blacktail deer.

A resident living near St. Marks Cathedral, that church you see above I-5 as you approach the southbound Mercer Street Exit, reports that earlier this week she saw a doe in her backyard before it leaped a fence into a greenbelt; another says she saw it further south near Prospect and Boylston.

I kid you not when I say that this deer is within striking distance of leaving her dooties at Westlake Center or out front of the Gucci store — or swinging by the offices of Northwest Sportsman magazine and heckling the staff.

She’s much closer than Phantom, the urban bear, ever got to the heart of the Emerald City two springs ago, or those crazed coyotes over on Magnolia Bluff last winter or the freakin’ puma that haunted Discovery Park last summer.

A deer on Capitol Hill!

In the words of that old Alaska Airlines commercial, what is this world coming to that wild animals are invading the city?

They must know that somehow it’s safe here from sportsmen like you and I.

Whatever the case, WDFW recommends leaving the deer alone to keep it from becoming agitated and running over any panhandlers on Broadway or disturbing happy hour at The Canterbury this afternoon.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to a serious news story: How WDFW may raise fees to hunt our city-lickin’ blacktail’s brothers back home in the boonies.


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