SW WA Fishing Report



Cowlitz River – No report on angling success.

Last week, Tacoma Power recovered 761 summer-run steelhead, 72 spring Chinook adults, 21 jacks, 60 mini-jacks, two sockeye salmon and six sea-run cutthroat trout during five days of operation at the Cowlitz Salmon Hatchery separator.  Tacoma Power employees released 40 spring Chinook adults and three jacks into the upper Cowlitz River at the Skate Creek Bridge in Packwood, 35 spring Chinook adults and 12 jacks into the Cispus River, and 37 spring Chinook mini-jacks into Riffe Lake at Mossyrock Park during the week.

River flows at Mayfield Dam are approximately 3,420 cubic feet per second on Monday August 9. Water visibility is eleven feet.

Lewis River – Boat anglers on the mainstem Lewis are catching some steelhead.

Wind River – Boat and bank anglers near the mouth of the river are catching some steelhead.

Drano Lake – About three-quarters of the boat anglers sampled had kept/released a steelhead.  Over half the fish were kept.  We also sampled a coho there.

White Salmon River – Boat and bank anglers are catching some steelhead.  Bank anglers are also catching a few fall chinook.

Buoy 10 – Effort and catch has picked up significantly.  Just over 500 boats were counted in the Buoy 10 area during the Saturday Aug. 14 flight count.  Oregon had checked a salmon per every 4 rods yesterday; Washington about one for every 6 rods.

Lower Columbia below Bonneville Dam – We sampled 1,557 salmonid bank anglers from Bonneville Dam downstream with 7 adult fall Chinook and 331 steelhead, an average of a salmonid kept/released per every 4.6 rods based on mainly incomplete trips. In addition, we sampled 637 salmonid boat anglers (298 boats) with 17 adult fall Chinook and 127 steelhead, an average of a salmonid kept/released per every 4.4 rods based on mainly completed trips.  Overall, two-thirds of the steelhead caught were kept.  We again did not sample any coho.

Nearly 400 boats and 654 bank anglers were counted during the Saturday August 14 flight from Cathlamet to Bonneville.  Over three-quarters of the bank anglers were counted on the Washington side.  In addition, over one-third of the boats were found around the mouth of the Cowlitz.

Bonneville Pool – Boat anglers averaged a fish per rod when including fish released.  Catch was mainly steelhead though a few fall chinook are being caught.

The Dalles Pool – Bank anglers are catching some steelhead.


Lower Columbia below Bonneville Dam – Light effort and catch during the current catch-and-release fishery.  No legals were found in the few boats sampled from Camas/Washougal upstream.  Just 14 boats and no bank anglers were counted from the mouth to Marker 82 last Saturday.


Lower Columbia below Bonneville Dam – Boat anglers in the Camas/Washougal and gorge areas averaged a walleye or more per rod.  15 boats fishing for walleye were counted from Camas/Washougal and the gorge last Saturday.


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