Another Way Forward On Wolves: Hunters, Pressure WY

Yesterday, I found an interesting article on New West by longtime Western wildlife/conservation writer Bill Schneider that boiled down to compromise on the wolf front.

Today, I found another good read on Field & Stream, this one by the Web site’s field editor Keith McCafferty, who wrote up how the first wolf was legally killed by hunter Robert Millage in Idaho last year.

McCafferty writes:

If you want to hunt wolves again, or hunt elk in country where they are abundant, bring pressure to bear on Wyoming. Write to Wyoming’s governor, state game officials and congressmen and let them know that you, as a hunter, want them to write a wolf management program that satisfies federal guidelines. Better yet, get your local hunting club to do so. Money is what talks. Tell them you won’t hunt in their state until they comply.

Will it work? McCafferty can’t say for sure, and hints higher up that there’s always going to be places in the Northern Rockies where wolves aren’t recovered.

But it’s something for the anger embroiling Western hunters.


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