Skoke ‘Poop Patrol’ Finds Little, Writes Other Tix

The rule-breaking began before the Skokomish River even opened for Chinook, but so far this season is proceeding better than last summer’s s**t-stained fishery.

“We’re in better shape than this time last year,” says WDFW Deputy Chief Mike Cenci whose local officers have been focusing on the Mason County, Wash., river.

Just under 29,800 hatchery Chinook are expected this year, and fishing has been good so far.

Cenci says that somewhere around 1,500 anglers hit the Sunday opener — though some got a jump on the festivities.

“There was a fair amount of activity prior to August 1, i.e., closed-season fishing,” Cenci says. “There were quite a few citations issues — people tried to convince us they were fishing for ‘game fish'” which were open on the river at the time.

The Almost-too-creative-for-his-britches Award goes to one angler who announced that he’d just mark any Chinook he caught as coming from Marine Area 12-C, the bend in Hood Canal which the Skoke drains into and open for king retention.

Only problem was that he was a good 1/2 mile upstream from tidewater.

Oh, and fishing closed season for Chinook.

Since the opener, Cenci says “quite a few” tickets have been given out for snagging, failure to record fish, retention of wild Chinook, etc.

At one point last August, an emphasis patrol wrote 56 tickets.

Last summer’s other big problem — too many anglers who’d only read the cover of How To Shit In The Woods — seems to be under control this year, Cenci says.

“The officers were on poop patrol,” he says. “They saw one pile the whole opening week.”

Somehow it was determined that it likely came from a local farmworker rather than an angler.

Don’t ask us or Cenci how that was determined.

Sanicans have been placed in the area.

“The object this year is to not have the same problems as last year,” Cenci says.

There are also new fishing rules to be aware of.

Northwest Sportsman contributor Jason Brooks hit the Skoke this past weekend and sent us the following images.




One Response to “Skoke ‘Poop Patrol’ Finds Little, Writes Other Tix”

  1. Glory Says:

    Me along with my brother inlaw and fatherinlaw have fished skoke for years and stopped doing so since 2008 due to all the trash and poop left behind from other fishermen/women. Combat fishing is the thing on weekend and snagging was a thing for out of town people. Made us sick that this river had to go this way. Don’t fish there anymore

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