Lake Wenatchee Sockeye Opening Aug. 1

A three-day sockeye fishery on Lake Wenatchee will open Sunday, Aug. 1, WDFW announced late this afternoon.

The agency says this year’s return will be sufficient to meet escapement goals and provide enough salmon for a season.

The daily limit is two sockeye 12 inches or longer.

Selective gear rules and a night closure will be in effect.

According to angler Ryan Walker of nearby Plain, basic sockeye tackle will work at the Chelan County lake.

“Chrome 0 size dodger with red hooks, 1/0 and then a 1 below,” he says, “but I caught them on everything I threw out there the past two years.  Purple Hot Spot flasher, all different colors of hooks, orange, black, pink, green, sometimes tied in a rainbow with the different colored hooks on one rig.  I often put hoochies over the top hook, pink or firetiger in color … I probably won’t have the same thing on any of the five rods we’ll be trolling.  I’ll be experimenting with some other setups for fun and trying to figure out if there is a consistent way to catch them in the evening.”

Fishing opens one hour before official sunrise on the first.

Bull trout, steelhead, and chinook salmon must be released unharmed without removing the fish from the water. Legal angling hours extend to one hour after sunset.

WDFW will also require anglers to release sockeye with one or more holes (round, approximately Ľ” in diameter) punched in the tail (caudal fin) of the fish. These fish are part of a study and have been anesthetized; the FDA requires a 21-day ban on consumption of these fish.

After the fishery closes, WDFW fishery managers will assess the catch and determine if additional fishing opportunities for sockeye remain. Any announcement will be posted under Emergency Fishing Rules on the department’s website at

There are boat ramps at Lake Wenatchee State Park and Glacier View Campground.

If those prove too busy, the Brewster Pool is open with a six-sockeye limit.

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