NC Washington Fishing Report


What’s hot is trolling the Bar for Lakers early in the morning on Lake Chelan.  Trolling for   Sockeye Salmon below Wells Dam on the Upper Columbia has been good.  Grimes Lake   continues to be great for Lahontan Cutthroat Trout.


Fish for Lakers with T-4 Flatfish in either Purple Glow or Luminous Chartreuse off the downriggers.  Fish the little F7 flatfish in the same colors off the outrigger rods for a shot at some big honkers.  A nice scattering of big fish came to the net during the first hour of fishing this week!  After the early morning bite, it has been spotty, but we’ve had some success fishing over to Minneapolis and out into the trench as well as at the Nursery and off of Sunnybank.  Switch the Downrigger rods to U20 flatfish and the outrigger rods to either Rushin’ Salmon Wobblers by Critter Gitter or those Kingfisher Lite’s by Silver Horde.

While the Chinook continue to be scarce in the Upper Columbia, the Sockeye are really stacked below Wells Dam.  The old bare hook deal, Mack’s squid rigs or trolling shrimp will work.  Place all of them behind a big dodger with a very short leader for best success.  Gear down for a real battle with these 2 to 5 pound scrappers.

At Grimes Lake, fish for Lahontan Cutthroat with chronomids and pheasant tail nymphs from 20 to 30 feet down.  There are nice numbers of fish from 16 to 25 inches with a chance at larger fish. Your fishing tip of the week is to rethink attractors for Columbia Sockeye.  Really shorten them up.  A 00 dodger with a 12” leader is average.  Try varying the leader from 7 to 20 inches.  Bare red hooks, hooks baited with shrimp or Mack’s Lures mini-squid rigs will do the trick.

The kid’s tip of the week is to make a game out of hydration.  You can make the water drinking into a contest.  You can offer a treat when the requisite amount of water has been drunk.  Be creative.  Make it fun.

The safety tip of the week is to strap on your patience.  Both Lake Chelan and the Upper Columbia River will experience their busiest time of the year for boaters over the next 30 days or so.  Some people are more experienced and quicker at the dock and the ramp.  Those of us that are experienced need to calm down and help others when possible.  The less experienced people need to remember to prep their boat before clogging the ramp or the launch.  Remember, the kids are watching, and besides, it’s supposed to be fun.

Anton Jones of Darrell & Dad’s Family Guide Service

( or 1-866-360-1523)


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