Pautzke Adds 5th Color in Nectar Line

Pautzke Bait Company announced today that it’s adding a fifth color to its Nectar line of liquid bait enhancement products, just in time for the height of summer steelhead and salmon fishing seasons.

“Due to high demand … we’ve decided to come out with purple Nectar,” says Chris Shaffer, the Ellensburg, Wash., company’s director of operations, in an email to outdoor media. “It’ll be ready to ship and available in about two to three weeks.”

Other colors already available include original (red), blue, yellow and orange.

Nectar is made from cooked salmon eggs — the natural juice that runs off the Pautzke patented egg-cooking process — and can be squirted straight onto bait and lures or soaked in baits. In areas where chumming is legal the Nectar is often mixed in with sour milk, grains and bran.

“It’s no different than the other Nectars,” says Shaffer of the new shade, “but does do a great job dying things purple, i.e. prawns, coon shrimp, anchovies, herring, octopus, alewives, etc. Those of you fishing inland Chinook in California can use it to dye and scent the baits you are trolling for kings too.”

The addition should help anglers otherwise trying to create purple tint by mixing other colors.


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