SW WA Fishing Report

Sammy the Sockeye is a persistent little guy.

He’s checked into the Cowlitz Salmon Hatchery at least three times over the last seven days.

The fish first showed up early last week, was marked and then “recycled” back downriver to the Massey Bar boat launch on June 21.

Two days later he had swum back to the hatchery, was trucked back to Massey, and then showed up again on Friday.

“He’s determined,” said a staffer at the hatchery this afternoon.

With the hatchery trap not operating on weekends we’ll know later today if the spunky salmon has shown up again, she says.

Because he’s a wild sockeye — probably part of this year’s whopper return up the Columbia — anglers can’t keep him if they land him. Every year a handful turn left at the Cowlitz.

But it’s also not unheard of for salmonids to repeatedly return. She says a biologist once put a tracking device into a steelhead.

“He tracked him come back eight times,” she says.

There you go.

Here’s the rest of the Southwest Washington fishing report, courtesy of that oft-emailing bio, Joe Hymer:


Cowlitz River – Last week, Tacoma Power recovered 490 summer-run steelhead, 66 spring Chinook adults, 16 jacks, 39 mini-jacks and three sockeye salmon during five days of operation at the Cowlitz Salmon Hatchery separator.

Tacoma Power employees released four spring Chinook adults and 13 jacks into the upper Cowlitz River at the Day Use Park in Lake Scanewa above Cowlitz Falls Dam during the week.

River flows at Mayfield Dam are approximately 7,800 cubic feet per second on Monday, June 28. Water visibility is 14 feet.

Lower Columbia below Bonneville Dam – Last week we sampled 1,926 salmonid bank anglers below Bonneville Dam with 133 adult and 10 jack summer Chinook, 136 steelhead, and 38 sockeye. In addition, we sampled 706 salmonid boat anglers (330 boats) with 29 adult and 3 jack summer Chinook, 40 steelhead, and 1 sockeye.   Overall, 59% of the adult Chinook and 72% of the steelhead caught were kept.  Just 2 of the sockeye were kept.

WDFW staff sampled the John Day Pool this past week for summer chinook harvest. Staff interviewed 60 boats (150 anglers) and 36 bank anglers.  An estimated 53 hatchery summer chinook were harvested.  An additional 14 wild adult chinook were released.  All chinook were caught and harvested by the bank anglers.

In addition to salmon, WDFW staff record the information from all other anglers. For the week

Walleye: 15 boats with 43 walleye;

Shad: 26 boats with 203 shad;

Sturgeon: 8 boats with 25 sturgeon (Catch & Release)


Lower Columbia from the Wauna powerlines downstream – At the Deep River and Knappton ramps, boat anglers averaged a legal kept per every 5.8 rods.  Bank anglers also caught a few legals.

Lower Columbia from the Wauna powerlines to Marker 82 – Boat anglers in the Camas/Washougal area caught some legals.  Slow elsewhere.


The Dalles Pool – Boat anglers averaged nearly 3 smallmouth bass per rod when including fish released.  Some walleye are also being caught.


Riffe Lake – Landlocked coho fishery is still hot.

Swofford Pond – Bank anglers are catching some rainbows and bluegills.

Goose Lake (north of Carson) – No report on angling success.  Planted with 3,000 catchable size brown trout and 3,000 catchable size cutthroats June 22.


Lower Columbia below Bonneville Dam – Except for a couple boat anglers that had good luck in the Longview area, anglers averaged 0-1.4 shad per rod when including fish released.

The Dalles Pool – Bank and boat anglers are still catching some fish.


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