First Albies Greet NWS July ‘It’s On’ Issue

“‘It’s On!'” reads the cover of the tuna-tackling July issue of Northwest Sportsman just as reports of the first sport-caught albies of the year crop up!

According to reports on ifish and Northwest Wild Country, tuna were caught the weekend of June 25-26 well over the horizon from Newport, sending more than a few salty dogs into delirium — “How far (is) the 126 (line) from Provo??” writes Reel Obsession– and ushering in what could be a fantastic season.

While other regional and national magazines completely ignore this booming fishery, Northwest Sportsman has you covered with advice from our very own tuna hound, Andy Schneider. He interviews Tron Bull of Secret Island Fishing (907-738-4500) who was in on last weekend’s fishing.

“These fish will be eating everything they can, as fast as they can,” Bull tells Schneider. “Once it’s on, IT’S ON!”

The duo detail how to get in on the early-season bite, while Rob Tobeck of The Outdoor Line in Seattle speaks with another salty dog, Capt. John Keizer, for more tips.

But just in case all this albacore is Albanian to you, our Saltwater columnist Larry Ellis has an A to Z guide about what the hell everything from Albacoritis to cedar plugs to feathers to Mexican flags to pinheads to SSTs to zucchinis.

Elsewhere on the briny blue, our July issue covers the Chinook scene at Sekiu, Neah Bay and Central Puget Sound while Mark Veary launches his tupperware boat into the surf of Oregon’s Central Coast to tackle salmon just off the breakers.

If you’re more content to stick to fresher waters, fantastic, have we got a couple of GREAT runs for you to target!!

With six of the seven largest daily counts of sockeye ever recorded at Bonneville Dam over the past week and a half, Leroy Ledeboer details how to waylay those BC-bound buggers up in the Brewster Pool.

And with another big return of summer steelhead forecast to the Columbia, Terry Otto’s got the scoop on where to fish in the immediate Portland-Vancouver area as well as up- and downstream from there.

Buzz Ramsey, the legendary Northwest anglers, has tips on how to go about catching these fish sans snag-ups.

Local boy Jason Brooks reveals how to whack and stack summer Chinook below Wells Dam on the upper Columbia while Ellis went on one hell of a long road trip to map Brownlee Reservoir’s outstanding summer crappie and catfish bites.

Duane Dungannon, president of the Oregon Hunters Association, previews antelope season while Wil Askew discusses how Beaver State kids can score “first-time” tags.

Dave Workman, who’s gone on one or two hunting trips, talks about why you must bring along an extra rifle scope this season while new trout fishing columnist “Uncle Wes” Malmberg walks us through how to make a pretty mean worm troll.

And as if all that isn’t enough, we’ve also got articles on how marijuana growers are invading Northwest hunting grounds, the Dishonor Roll, bussin’ it to the fishin’ hole, how new technology is allowing salmon managers to map Chinook stocks at sea and the most outlandish fishing hat you’ll ever see. Period.

“Gross,” said my wife when she saw the photo.

All inside our huge July issue.

It’s on its way to homes and newsstands now!


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