Shasta Tackle Announces Its Gear Helped Catch Record Koke

Ron Campbell was pretty cagey earlier this week about what gear he used to catch that pending world-record kokanee out of Wallowa Lake.

“It was pretty standard gear that I was using,” the Pendleton, Ore., angler told us late Monday morning, about 30 hours after landing the 9-pound, 10.7-ounce landlocked sockeye at the Northeast Oregon lake. “I think the fish could have been caught on anything — Wedding Rings, Apexes, hoochies. There’s no big secrets on this one.”

In other words, Mack’s Lures, Hot Spot or Shasta Tackle gear, some of the biggest players in the kokanee world.

By yesterday evening, however, the man behind Door No. 3 was raising his hand.

Around 6:39 p.m., an email from popped into my inbox that read:

Campbell was waiting for the maker of his lure to announce it. Gary Miralles of Shasta Tackle told us himself late Wednesday: The fish was caught with a Shasta Pee Wee hootchie (Tequila Sunrise pattern) behind a Sling Blade UV Silver Tiger dodger.

Then around 7:50 p.m., I got a call from Northwest Sportsman contributor Larry Ellis saying basically the same thing after an email from Miralles.

So, there you go.


2 Responses to “Shasta Tackle Announces Its Gear Helped Catch Record Koke”

  1. Ron Campbell Says:

    Sorry for being cagey about what I was using when the pending record Kokanee was caught. I was doing the courtesy of letting Shasta Tackle annouce that it was caught on their Shasta Pee Wee hootchie ( Tequila Sunrise) and a UV silver Tiger dodger. Magots and corn are a good bet to add scent. These aren’t your run of the mill kokanee so you better plan accordingly on the net and tackle used. Fish where you see the fish, not where you want to fish. If you get lucky and hook up one of the large kokanee on light tackle, you better hope no boats are around you as you will need the room. One guy named the fish kokazilla and I would add ” on drugs” What a great fight. Happy Trails Ron

  2. Andy Walgamott Says:

    No worries, Ron — great nickname too for the fish, wish I’d thought of that one!

    Good luck with your world-record application!


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