Oregon Raises $550K On Big Game Raffles, Auction

Raffles and auctions of 2010 Oregon big game hunting tags grossed $547,187, the lowest figure since 2006, but still raised $309,576 for the Access and Habitat Program and $200,811 to big game research and management.

The remaining $36,800 was retained by the sportsman/conservation organizations that sponsored the events, but for access and habitat work in Oregon.

According to ODFW, the auction of 11 special big game tags grossed $368,000 including $110,000 for a bighorn sheep tag.

A total of 55,333 raffle tickets were sold grossing $179,186, including $62,696 in ticket sales for a bighorn sheep tag.

Proceeds from the deer and elk tags will go to the Access and Habitat Program to fund wildlife habitat and hunter access improvement projects in the state. Proceeds from the pronghorn, bighorn sheep and Rocky Mountain goat raffles and auctions fund the research and management of those species in Oregon.

Participating groups included national, state and local chapters of Safari Club International, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Mule Deer Foundation, National Wild Turkey Federation, Oregon Bow Hunters Association, Wild Sheep Foundation, Unlimited Pheasants and Oregon Hunters Association.

Winners of the special tags enjoy an extended season and expanded hunt area. Here are how much each auction brought in, and who won raffle tickets:

* Bighorn Sheep – $110,000 (Wild Sheep Foundation, Reno, Feb. 6)
* Statewide Elk- $26,000 (Safari Club International, Santiam River Chapter, Albany, Feb. 6)
* Statewide Deer- $24,000 (Mule Deer Foundation, Salt Lake City, Feb. 12)
* Statewide Elk – $26,000 (Unlimited Pheasants/Mule Deer Foundation, Klamath Falls, Feb. 20)
* Pronghorn – $7,000 (Mule Deer Foundation, Klamath Chapter, Klamath Falls, Feb. 20)
* Statewide Deer – $33,500 (Oregon Bow Hunters Association, Lincoln City, Feb. 27)
* Governor’s Statewide Deer/Elk Combination – $45,000 (Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Reno, March 5)
* Statewide Deer – $21,000 (National Wild Turkey Federation, Rogue Gobblers, Medford, March 20)
* Statewide Elk – $31,500 (Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Roseburg Chapter, Roseburg March 20)
* Statewide Elk – $21,000 (Oregon Hunters Association, Lincoln County Chapter, Newport, April 10)
* Statewide Deer – $23,000 (Oregon Hunters Association, Canyonville, May 15)

2010 raffle sales

* Statewide Combination Deer and Elk raffle: $17,020.50
* Deer raffle: $24,141
* Elk raffle: $42,514
* Rocky Mountain Goat raffle: $24,739
* Pronghorn raffle: $8,076
* Bighorn Sheep raffle: $62,696

2010 Raffle Winners

* Statewide Combination Deer and Elk – Alfredo Julian, Vancouver, Wash.
* Statewide Deer – Robert Hall, Los Gatos, Calif.
* Southeast Oregon Deer – Raymond Wurdinger, Dayton
* Central Oregon Deer – Lawrence Grassman, Christmas Valley
* Northeast Oregon Deer – Russell Bingaman, Imbler
* Statewide Elk – Gerald Warnock, Portland
* Northeast Oregon Elk – Benjamin Arata, Amargosa, Nev.
* Central/Southeast Oregon Elk – Michael Sheets, Redmond
* Western Oregon Elk – Kenneth Wallace, Cottage Grove
* Rocky Mountain Goat – Dennis McGanty, McMinnville
* Pronghorn – Michael Kaiser, Eagle Point
* Bighorn Sheep – Alfredo Julian, Vancouver, Wash.

In 2009, raffles and auctions pulled in over $565,000; in 2008, $560,000; in 2007, $600,000; in 2006, $542,577; in 2005, $515,800.


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