SW WA Fishing Report



Cowlitz River – Bank anglers at the barrier dam are still catching some spring Chinook.  Last week, Tacoma Power recovered 150 spring Chinook adults, 40 jacks, 73 summer-run steelhead and 34 late winter-run steelhead during five days of operation at the Cowlitz Salmon Hatchery separator.

Tacoma Power employees released 60 spring Chinook adults and 18 jacks into the upper Cowlitz River at Skate Creek Bridge in Packwood, and four spring Chinook adults and eight jacks into Lake Scanewa at the Day Use Park above Cowlitz Falls Dam during the week.

River flows at Mayfield Dam are approximately 9,880 cubic feet per second on Tuesday, June 1. Visibility is ten feet.

South Fork Toutle River and Green River – No report on angling success.  Effective the first Saturday in June, bait may be used and the fishing area for hatchery steelhead will be extended up to the 2800 Road Bridge on the Green and the entire South Fork will be open.  Under permanent rules, all tributaries to the South Fork Toutle and Green rivers remain closed to all fishing.

Kalama River – Generally light effort though some steelhead are being caught.  No spring Chinook were sampled last week.

Lewis River – Light effort.  More steelhead than salmon are being caught.

East Fork Lewis – No report on angling success.  Effective the first Saturday in June, steelhead anglers may fish with bait and the area will be expanded upstream to 400 feet below Horseshoe Falls (with closures around other falls).

Washougal River – No report on angling success. Effective the first Saturday in June, bait may be used and the fishing area for hatchery steelhead will be extended up to the Salmon Falls Bridge.   Hatchery steelhead daily limit remains 3 fish.


Wind River – Spring Chinook are being caught throughout the system though best checks were from the coffer dam to the salmon hatchery.

Drano Lake – Light effort though some spring Chinook are being caught.  Closed to all fishing Wednesday June 2 and June 9.

Klickitat River – Spring Chinook and summer run steelhead are being caught on the lower river below the Fisher Hill Bridge.

Beginning today (June 1) Fisher Hill Bridge downstream is open 7 days per week and the salmon daily limit is 6 fish of which no more than 2 may be adults. In addition, the upper river from 400 feet above #5 fishway upstream to boundary markers below Klickitat Salmon Hatchery is open for hatchery steelhead and hatchery Chinook jacks.  Wild chinook must be released.

Lower Columbia from Rocky Point/Tongue Point line upstream to the I-5 Bridge – Including fish released, boat anglers averaged a steelhead per every 6 rods while bank anglers averaged one per every 10 rods based on mainly complete and incomplete trips, respectively.

Bank angling effort was pretty heavy with 558 anglers counted along the Washington and Oregon shores during the Saturday May 29 flight.


Lower Columbia mainstem below the Wauna powerlines – At the ports of Chinook and Ilwaco, charter boat anglers averaged a legal kept per every 7.3 rods while private boaters averaged one per every 10.9 rods.  At the Knappton and Deep River ramps, one in every 30 boat anglers caught a legal size fish.  Bank anglers between Chinook and Knappton were also catching a few legals.   Overall, About 35% of the fish caught were legal size.

During the Saturday May 29 flight, 156 private and 14 charters were counted.  About 40% of the private boats were found around Tongue Point.

Lower Columbia mainstem from the Wauna powerlines to the Marker 82 line – Boat anglers  in the Longview area were catching some legals.  Overall effort was fairly light with 93 boats and 10 bank anglers counted during the Saturday May 29 flight.


Lower Columbia below Bonneville Dam – Our  sampling has been focused on salmonids and sturgeon through some boat anglers sampled in the Longview area caught some shad.  About a dozen boats were counted in the Lady Island (Camas) area last Saturday.


Recent plants of trout:

Knuppenberg Pond (Lewis Co.) – 667 catchable size browns May 25;

Battleground Lake – 3,100 rainbows averaging 2/3 pound each May 24;

Kidney Lake near North Bonneville – 1,515 catchable size rainbows May 25;

Spearfish Lake near Dallesport – 3,015 catchable size rainbows May 25;

Horsethief Lake near Lyle – 4,500 catchable size rainbows May 24


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