Fairview Canyon Poachers All Plead Guilty

Three men involved in poaching four deer on wintering grounds west of Wenatchee have been sentenced to a total of nearly 90 days in jail.

“This is the most time I’ve gotten on a game case,” said Roy Fore, a Chelan County deputy prosecutor today.

Two of the men, Joe Ells of East Wenatchee and Michael Pennington of Kent, must each serve 30 days apiece, as well as pay $1,050 in fines and $4,000 penalties to WDFW after pleading guilty to shooting two deer apiece.

Kenneth McGraw of Leavenworth got 28 days in jail, $700 in fines and $4,000 in wildlife penalties for pleading guilty to two counts of complicity, Fore said.

“My sense is it’s a little on the harsher side, but (their actions were) on the more egregious side,” he said.

Three of the four deer shot were does, the fourth a yearling.

Ells, a school teacher, sent a letter of apology to the Wenatchee World last week apologizing for the incident.

There is no excuse for my actions that day. What I did was wrong, and I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to Officer Graham Grant of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, the people of Chelan County, my family, friends, and coworkers, my students and their parents.

Fore says it was not part of any bargain and that Ells had mentioned at the time of his guilty plea he’d like to do that.

All three men also are not allowed to hunt for the next two years, according to the prosecutor.


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