Trask ‘Hatchery Hole’ Springer Fishery Extended


With a strong early showing of hatchery spring chinook, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) has decided to extend the fishing season at the “hatchery hole” on the Trask River through June 15.

The hatchery hole is a section of the Trask River located 200 feet above and 900 feet below its confluence with Gold Creek. This area was originally scheduled to close May 31. However, ODFW recommended extending the season by two weeks because biologists are confident that sufficient hatchery spring chinook will be available to meet the Trask Hatchery’s broodstock needs.

“All indications are that the hatchery spring chinook return is large enough to support this additional harvest opportunity,” said Robert Bradley, ODFW fish biologist.

The director of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has the authority to adopt temporary rules in situations where biological data allows expanded recreational opportunities. Temporary rules adopted by the director must be approved by the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission at the next regular meeting.

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