Entiat Opening For Chinook


Salmon fishing opens May 26 on the Entiat River

Actions:   Opens salmon fishing on the Entiat River (Chelan County).

Daily limit:   Daily limit two salmon, minimum size 12 inches.

Species affected:   Chinook salmon.

Location: Angling will be allowed from the Alternate Highway 97 Bridge near the mouth of the Entiat River, upstream approximately 6 miles to 800 feet downstream of the Entiat National Fish Hatchery fish ladder entrance.

Effective dates:   May 26, through June 30, 2010.

Reason for action: Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) estimates over 800 hatchery origin, spring chinook are expected to return to the Entiat River in 2010. WDFW believes a selective fishery to remove excess  hatchery spring chinook is warranted to increase the proportion of wild spring chinook on the spawning grounds as detailed in WDFWs ESA Section 10 Application for Permit 1554.

Other Information:   Mandatory release of adipose present chinook and all steelhead and bulltrout (whether adipose fin clipped or not clipped).  Knotless nets required, bait is allowed. The anti-snagging rule and a night closure will be in effect, and no fishing from motorized boats. Columbia River salmon and steelhead endorsement required.

Information contact: Art Viola (509) 665-3337, Wenatchee District Office (509) 662-0452 or Jeff Korth, Ephrata Regional Office (509) 754-4624


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