Lake Chelan Area Fishing Report


What’s hot is trolling the Bar for lake trout on Lake Chelan at dusk.  Rufus Woods has been producing nice numbers of 2 to 5 pound triploids.  This continues to be peak time for the catch and release season at Omak Lake for Lahontan Cutthroat.  Start making your plans to fish the June 1 opener on Grimes Lake.

On Chelan the very best of it for me has been the last hour of light on “the Bar” just off the Mill Bay boat launch.  T4 purple glow flatfish have been scoring on double- digit fish.  For some reason these fish have moved off there by morning and are replaced by 4 to 7 pound fish.  The lower basin and the face of Manson Bay have rounded out my morning repertoire of locations.  Those double glow Kingfisher lite spoons on the outriggers have been consistently connecting on the outrigger rods.

Fish the south end of Omak Lake for Lahontan’s.  Try trolling fast with Silver Horde darting plugs with the single hook harness or slow with Rushin’ Salmon Wobbler by Critter Gitter.  Remember single barbless hooks thru the end of May.


The kid’s fishing party at the Chelan Golf Course was another rousing success.  This is a great event sponsored and supported by the Lake Chelan Sportsmen’s Club, the Chelan Falls and Wells Dam hatchery people, the Lake Chelan Golf Course and Hooked on Toys.  However, it would not happen without the efforts of Al Brooks, another of our areas unsung hero’s.  Thanks Al, for making a difference.

Your fishing tip of the week is to wet those knots before pulling them tight.  This will prevent the line from being weakened by heat generated friction.  It’s easy enough to lose fish without having that happen.  Your kid’s tip of the week and is to let them struggle just the right amount.  I watched my 8 year old granddaughter make another step in her angling career.  I was focusing my efforts on helping a younger grand kid and let her to her own devices.  She has “caught” a lot of fish where I have cast the rod, hooked the fish and handed it to her to reel in.  This time she caught a fish where she baited the hook, cast the lure, set the hook and landed the fish solo!  She was excited.  Think Mama bear and let them struggle to learn!

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