Springer Run ’10: around 350K

Oregon and Washington salmon managers today said that the spring Chinook run back to tribs above Bonneville Dam will end up somewhere around 350,000, with a range of 330,000 to 370,000.

That’s well below the preseason forecast, but is at the lower end of the seven predictions that were averaged to come up with that figure of 470,000.

Through yesterday, 194,401 springers had topped Bonneville, “the highest cumulative count to date since 2002 and the 3rd highest count to date (1977-current),” according to a fact sheet from ODFW and WDFW.

Another 32,336 springers had been caught in sport and commercial fisheries below the dam, while sport anglers had landed 4,297 in the middle Columbia and Snake so far.

“The run has to get to something near 400,000 to consider any more lower river fisheries,” said Cindy Le Fleur of the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife this afternoon.

She says managers will meet each Monday to review the latest data.

“We’re still in the peak of the run — that halfway point,” Le Fleur says.

With room in their quotas, tribal fishermen were greenlighted for a 3.5-day mainstem gillnet fishery above Bonneville as well as a below-dam season for the pricey salmon (going for $19.99 a pound filleted at my grocery store yesterday).

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