Anglers Urged To Write Seattle Mayor

With word that there’s been a “pause” in awarding a bid to build the long-awaited new sockeye hatchery on Western Washington’s Cedar River, anglers are being asked to email Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn and tell him to trust the science of state, tribal and city biologists.

“Some of us believe the sockeye run is just as important as the Space Needle,” reads an “action alert” being forwarded to fishermen and recreational angling interests today.

It follows up on WDFW’s release of an independent review of the salmon in the Lake Washington system as well as a Seattle Times article that indicates the document could affect the plans to expand the hatchery.

The review said that too many sockeye fry flooding into the lake in odd years hurts adult returns, and finds other factors that may be at play in the salmon’s up-and-down cycles, and which have been down since 2006.

“My expectation is we will go on pause,” Judith Noble at Seattle Public Utilities told Times reporter Lynda V. Mapes in an April 28 article.

SPU is building the facility, which for years had been tied up in court, but then earlier this year got a final permit to begin construction.

WDFW will hold a public meeting May 28 in Issaquah to talk about the document; Mapes’ article indicates that tribal bios aren’t too pleased with it.

The fishery is immensely popular when it opens; around 60,000 were caught by sports anglers alone during the last opener, in 2006.

Anglers are being urged to write McGinn ( as well as cc acting SPU chief Ray Hoffman ( and WDFW director Phil Anderson ( in their own words about how wonderful the sockeye fishery is, that they understand there’s new science, to not just pull the plug on the project, and that adaptive management is the way to proceed.

The email says there are ways to get around the production bottleneck for fry at the lake’s south end such as trucking the fish to “the middle of the lake where this is adequate food.”

For more, see the text here.

A spokesman at the mayor’s office could not immediately be reached for comments.

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