What’s Fishin’ In Oregon

Just in case you’re like just waking up from a coma or something and are wondering where to go fishing this weekend, April 24 (that would be three days from now) is the trout opener in Oregon.

Thousands upon thousands of rainbows are being stocked around the Beaver State for the big day — but before heading to Diamond Lake, Rip Van Winkle, call 1-800-733-7593 ext. 238 because it be frozen.

But it’s not all trout this weekend. Spring Chinook are surging above Bonneville and up the Willamette and Rogue Rivers, and there are steelhead and bottomfish to be head as well.

Here’s more from ODFW’s weekly Recreation Report:


  • Applegate and Emigrant Reservoirs and Garrison Lake all have been stocked and are fishing well. have been stocked and offer some good fishing.
  • Lemolo Lake, Hyatt Lake and Howard Prairie Reservoir open this Saturday and anglers should expect some good fishing.
  • The lower Rogue River continues to turn out chinook, while steelhead fishing has picked up in the Grants Pass area.


  • Hebo Lake and Battle Lake are scheduled to be stocked the week of April 19. South Lake is tentatively scheduled to be stocked the week of April 19 also if snow levels have receded to allow access to the lake. Fishing should be fair to good in many of the lakes and ponds that have been stocked this spring.
  • A youth angling event is scheduled for Saturday, April 24 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Hebo Lake. ODFW and volunteers will be available to assist young anglers wanting to learn about fishing. Adult anglers are encouraged to refrain from fishing the lake immediately before the event to ensure there are sufficient numbers of trout to provide good catch rates for the youngsters.
  • Fishing in most mid coast lakes has been very good so far this spring and should continue to provide anglers with great opportunities well into June. Most water bodies have been stocked several times this spring and at least once with trophy sized trout. Check the online stocking report for specific weeks and lakes to be stocked.
  • Hatchery winter steelhead have been released into Olalla Reservoir several times this spring. Hatchery steelhead are considered “trophy trout” and a hatchery harvest card is not necessary.


  • Spring chinook are now being taken on the Willamette River and in the Multnomah Channel. The best catch rates have been reported from Oregon City upriver to Willamette Falls.
  • Winter steelhead fishing is good in the Clackamas and Sandy rivers and Eagle Creek. Steelhead are spread throughout both systems and some good catches have been reported.
  • A youth angling event will be held Saturday, April 24 from 9-2 p.m. at Trojan Ponds near Hwy. Rainier. All necessary equipment will be provided and volunteers will be on hand to assist young anglers. Call the Clackamas ODFW office for more information at 971-673-6034.


  • The Central Oregon Cascades Lakes opener is this upcoming Saturday, April 24. Crane Prairie Reservoir, Wickiup Reservoir, Odell Lake and South Twin Lakes are ice free and accessible and the fishing should be great. Please note, however, that at this time ODFW has been advised that Big Lava Lake, East and Paulina Lakes are still inaccessible as of Tuesday, April 20 and are projected to not be accessible on opening day Saturday, April 24.
  • Warmer days are bringing some good insect hatches on the Deschutes River.
  • Good returns of winter steelhead to the Hood River have produced good fishing and it should continue into early May.
  • Trout fishing is picking up on Lake Billy Chinook with reports of some legal-sized bull trout being caught.


  • Trout fishing has been good on the Ana River with reports of hold-over trout being caught.
  • Bank anglers have been having some luck fishing for trout in Klamath Lake.


  • Willow and McKay creeks open this Saturday and should offer some good early-season fishing.


  • Spring chinook, steelhead, and shad angling is CLOSED in the lower Columbia from the Buoy 10 line upstream to Bonneville Dam.
  • Spring chinook are beginning to move upstream and should be available in the Bonneville, The Dalles, and John Day Pools.
  • A few legal size sturgeon are being caught by boat and bank anglers in the gorge as well as in the Portland to Longview area.
  • Walleye angling is good in The Dalles Pool.


  • Fishing for rockfish, lingcod and other groundfish is good when ocean conditions allow.
  • The next minus tide series begins April 27 and continues through May 3 providing opportunity for clam diggers. Razor clam diggers should watch for days when the marine forecast calls for combined swell and wind waves of less than eight feet.
  • The entire Oregon coast is now open to recreational and commercial clam harvesting.

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