Springer Catch Sets Record

The catch of 29,125 springers in the Columbia River is a new record, according to a fact sheet released by Washington and Oregon salmon managers this afternoon.

It breaks the old mark, set during 2001’s whopper run, by over 3,300.

And angler effort, some 166,000-plus trips from February through April 18, the last day of fishing below Bonneville Dam, was the highest since 2002.

However, the goal of only killing 17,200 above-Bonneville spring kings via wooden shampoos or handling mortality was exceeded by over 5,700 fish.

Managers had wanted to limit the take because of catch-sharing agreements to make more kings available to upriver anglers as well as keep impacts on listed wild stocks down.

As for commercial fishermen, they have caught slightly over 18,000 springers on the Columbia and in the SAFE fisheries near Astoria, including 8,798 upriver-bound salmon.

The combined non-treaty catch of 32,197 upriver springers is well below the management guideline of 38,000, but late this afternoon, managers did close the fisheries in Youngs Bay, Tongue Point, Blind Slough/Knappa Slough and Deep River to commercial and recreational sport fishing for Chinook.

The fact sheet states that passage at Bonneville — 47,721 through yesterday — “is the highest cumulative count to date since 2003 and the 8th highest count to date (1977-current).”

“TAC is meeting weekly to review passage at Bonneville Dam, but it is still too early to make any conclusions regarding run size,” it also reads.


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