North-Central WA Fishing Report


What’s hot continues to be jig and float fishing for triploid rainbows on Rufus Woods Reservoir.


Also continuing hot is trolling for lake trout during the mid-morning period through the “potholes” in the area downlake of The Bar on Lake Chelan.  Roses Lake continues to be productive for recently stocked fish and some nice holdovers.  This is the heart of the catch and release season at Omak Lake for Lahontan Cutthroat.

At Rufus find concentrations of fish by trolling flies then sit on them with a sized down jig and bobber presentation to really ring up the numbers.  Watch Mack’s Lures web site as they develop some new products to take the guesswork out of this technique.

On Chelan, fish are scattered throughout the lower basin.  Work deeper as the sun gets higher.  The venerable U20 luminous Chartreuse Flatfish continues to be productive on the downriggers.  However, the hottest thing has been Silver Horde’s Kingfisher “Lite” in the either the Green or Flame Spatter Back colors.

The recent warm spell has caused the water to hit the magic 50-degree mark on Lake Chelan.  This should cause the Kokanee fishing to come on fast.  Stock up on Mack’s Lures Flash Lite’s and Double Whammy Kokanee Pro wedding rings.  Simplify the baiting process by buying a variety of colors of Pautzke’s Fire Corn.

Fishing on Roses Lake continues to be good.  Troll with wedding rings or still fish Pautzke’s new Fire Bait on slip sinker rigs.

Fish Omak with Silver Horde darting plugs with the single hook harness or those same Kingfisher lite spoons that we are using on Chelan.  Remember, single barbless hooks.


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