Beware, Invasives: ODFW Rolls Out ‘One Of The World’s Most Awesome Squirt Guns’

ODFW’s rolling out “one of the world’s most awesome squirt guns,” reports Henry Miller of the Statesman-Journal, part of the agency’s effort to fight invasive species.

Officially known as the GHO Series Hydroblaster, “the trailer-mounted pressure washer … shoots 140-degree water at 3,000 pounds per square inch out of a 225-gallon tank (and) has just one purpose: to blow away aquatic weeds and critters from boats and trailers so they can’t set up shop in Oregon’s waters,” the longtime outdoor writer reports.

And it sounds like one of the guys who’ll be manning the gun is a bit giddy to give it a try this weekend at Hagg Lake.

“It not only blasts the stuff off, but it kills it,” ODFW tech Jason Teem tells Miller. “I’m really excited; it’s a great toy.”

Miller reports that Oregon got the device for a bargain from California.

ODFW will place four more blasters around the state by late May.


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