SW WA Fishing Report



Cowlitz River – Anglers are catching winter run steelhead and spring chinook.

Kalama River – No report on angling success.  The first couple of summer run steelhead of the season returned to Kalama Falls Hatchery last week.

Lewis River – Some spring chinook are being caught at the mouth.  The first 25 spring chinook and 5 summer run steelhead of the season returned to the Merwin Dam trap last week.

East Fork Lewis from mouth to top boat ramp at Lewisville Park and Washougal River from mouth to Mt. Norway Bridge – Opens to fishing for hatchery steelhead Friday April 16. Selective gear rules will be in effect; no bait may be used.

Wind River – A few anglers are starting to appear with a half dozen boats last Saturday and 10 on Sunday.  No catch was observed.

Drano Lake – Effort is increasing with half dozen boats last Saturday and around 20 on Sunday.  A few spring chinook were reportedly caught.

The lake will be closed to all fishing on Wednesdays beginning this week through May.  Effective April 16, bank fishing only west of a line projected from the eastern most pillar of the Highway 14 Bridge to a posted marker on the north shore.

Klickitat River – Some newly arriving summer run steelhead are being caught by bank anglers from the Fisher Hill Bridge downstream.

Lower Columbia from Buoy 10 to the I-5 Bridge – Last week we sampled 3,283 boat anglers (1,405 boats) with 1,130 adult and 1 jack chinook and 1 steelhead.  In addition, we sampled 439 bank anglers with 26 adult chinook and 2 steelhead.  91% the adult chinook were caught from Section 4 (Warrior Rock) upstream to the I-5 Bridge.

Overall, 87% of the adult Chinook caught were kept.  Of the 931 adult chinook kept that we sampled, 91% were upriver stock based on Visual Stock Identification (VSI).

On Saturday April 10, a total of 2,314 boats and 689 bank anglers were counted during the flight.  1,516 (66%) of the boats and 397 (58%) of the bank anglers were counted from Warrior Rock to the I-5 Bridge.

The Joint Staff will review recreational catches through April 11 early this week and will provide another update at that time.  Stay tuned!

Bonneville Pool – Bank anglers just outside Drano Lake are catching some spring chinook.

The Dalles Pool – Effort and catch of spring chinook are increasing.

John Day Pool – From Paul Hoffarth, WDFE District 4 Fish Biologist – For the week of April 4 through April 11, there were an estimated 24 boat trips and 122 bank anglers fishing for spring chinook in the John Day Pool (Lake Umatilla). WDFW staff interviewed 20 boats and 34 bank anglers. The majority of the boats were fishing for walleye or sturgeon and the bank anglers were primarily fishing for chinook. No catch was reported for salmon.


Lower Columbia below Bonneville DamExcept for the gorge, effort and catch remains light.  A total of 61 boats and 140 bank anglers were counted during last Saturday’s flight.  However, 113 of the bank anglers were counted at Rooster Rock.   

The Dalles Pool – Boat anglers are catching some legals; slow from the bank.  Through March, an estimated 154 (51%) of the 300 fish guideline had been taken.


The Dalles Pool – Boat anglers averaged over a walleye per every other rod.  In addition, some bass were caught.

John Day Pool – Boat anglers are catching some walleye.


Year round lakes planted with catchable size rainbows up to one-half pound each last week were:

South Lewis County Park Pond near Toledo – 3,042 fish

Lake Sacajawea in Longview – 3,016 fish

Kress Lake in Kalama – 2,067 fish

Lacamas Lake in Camas – 3,500 fish


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