OSP’s Feb. Poaching Files

The Oregon State Police just posted their February 2010 newsletter, and as always it makes for some head-shaking reading.

Here are some of the lowlights as reported by OSP plus a good deed:


In September 2009, Sr. Tpr. Johnson (John Day) and Tpr. Hutchison (Patrol) received a report that unknown suspect(s) shot and injured a doe off of Wall Creek Road, north of Monument. The suspect(s) drove away, leaving the doe critically injured, trying to crawl around using only her front legs.

The doe would not have survived her injuries, so she was put down and salvaged. Two fawn deer were also shot and killed that day at the same location and left to waste. Johnson was able to salvage one fawn.

Several 7.62 x 39 casings were recovered from the road. Tpr. Ritter (John Day) continued to work the case and eventually received a tip that led him to two suspects, a man and woman.

Ritter determined the female shot all three deer with the male’s AK-47 rifle, and both suspects left the scene in the male’s pickup, knowing the doe was critically injured and suffering. They drove to the male’s friend’s house, where the male asked his friend to hide his AK-47 after telling him they just shot a deer with it. The friend refused to hide the rifle.

Ritter arrested both suspects, and they were transported to the Grant County Jail.

Ritter cited the female for Animal Abuse in the First Degree, Wasting Wildlife (x 3), and Taking Doe Deer Closed Season (x 3) and the male for Aiding in a Wildlife Violation—Wasting Wildlife (x 3) and Aiding in a Wildlife Violation—Taking Doe Deer Closed Season (x 3).

Ritter later located the rifle at the male’s mother’s residence in Prineville. The male’s mother brought the rifle to Ritter the following day and it was seized.


Sr. Tpr. Bennett (Grants Pass) contacted two subjects angling on the Rogue River. Bennett discovered one subject caught two steelhead; one fin-clipped, one nonadipose fin-clipped (wild). Anglers can retain wild steelhead over 24 inches in this area, with a limit of one per day and five per year.

Bennett asked the anglers if they measured the wild steelhead. The anglers said they had, and it measured 25 inches. Both fish were properly tagged. Bennett, with the keen eyes he has, questioned the length of the wild fish. Bennett measured the fish at 23½ inches. He examined the angler’s tape measure. The fish did measure 25 inches using their measuring tape.

Bennett warned the anglers and instructed them to get a more accurate tape.


Tpr. Vogel (St. Helens) found two dump sites near St. Helens and Rainier and located names/addresses in the garbage. Vogel contacted and cited two suspects criminally for Offensive Littering.

Sr. Tpr. Niehus (Klamath Falls) also concluded a dumping case. A subject drove to the new Hidden Valley gate, found it closed, and dumped numerous tires and garbage. A trail camera took photographs.

With the help of a landowner agent, Niehus developed a suspect. Upon contact, the suspect told Niehus his truck did not run. Niehus took photos of his truck and compared them to the suspect vehicle photos. He confirmed the trucks were the same and recontacted the suspect, who was on his way to see his probation officer. The suspect admitted to the offense.

Niehus lodged the suspect in jail for Offensive Littering.


At a local reservoir, Sr. Tpr. Collom (Central Point) just started watching one subject sitting in a lawn chair with four poles around him, when two subjects on bikes rode past Collom over to where the first subject was fishing.

Collom could tell these two subjects mentioned something about seeing him on the other side, because he saw the first subject and two others immediately begin searching in his direction and then, as fast as they could, reel in their fishing lines.

Collom then contacted the anglers. He cited two of the subjects for No Angling License and warned the first subject for Angling with Two Poles.


Sgt. Meyer, Sr. Tpr. Thompson (Central Point), and Sr. Tpr. Bennett (Grants Pass) conducted a boat patrol on the Rogue River below Grants Pass. They checked 75 anglers on 23 boats and the bank, examined 10 steelhead, and issued several warnings.

They also rescued an expensive fishing rod. Two drift boat anglers had drifted close to the bank where trees and brush hung over. They inadvertently drifted through the brush, and a fishing rod was pulled out of the boat. The rod dangled in the river attached by a short line to a lure snagged in the brush. The anglers could not maneuver close enough, and the bank was too steep.

The troopers saved the day to the slight chagrin of the anglers.


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