Columbia To Be Netted Tuesday

Oregon and Washington salmon managers today OKed 12 hours of netting on the Columbia River tomorrow for spring Chinook. It’s the first season of year for commercial fishermen.

A “fact sheet” out today estimates that netters will catch somewhere between 6,000 and 10,000 of the salmon from the mouth up to the I-205 bridge between Portland and Vancouver.

Tuesdays have been reserved for commercial fishing below I-5, but results from tests in previous weeks has been so poor that no netting has been done.

Yesterday’s test captured the most salmon of the season, 66, as well as the highest percentage of upriver-bound Chinook, some 65 percent, up from 44 percent the previous week.

From Feb. 1 through March 21, sport anglers had retained 2,500 springers on the mainstem Columbia below Bonneville Dam and released another 350, managers say. We’ll probably get new sport catch numbers in a day or so.

The overall sport quota was set at 17,200 hatchery spring Chinook before any run update is done.

So far the run is behind average — 251 fish, 11 percent of the 10-year average — but is tracking ahead of how salmon have been coming in since 2005 when runs began to come in later.

Managers estimated this year’s run would be 470,000 based off of an average of six different forecasting models. If it comes in, it would be a record.



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