Did You Win A Free Oregon License?


Thirty hunters won either a free 2011 Sports Pac or a Non-Resident Hunting License because they applied for a 2010 fall big game controlled hunt by March 15, 2010.

Twenty more 2011 Sports Pacs or Non-Resident Hunting Licenses will be given away to hunters that apply for (and are issued) a controlled hunt application by April 15, 2010.

ODFW and the vendor that manages its license sales system are giving away a total of 100 free 2011 Sports Pacs (for Oregon residents, a $164.75 value) or Non Resident Hunting Licenses (for non-residents, a $140.50 value) to encourage hunters to apply early for their 2010 fall big game hunts. (A Sports Pac includes a Combination Angling/Hunting/Shellfish License, a Combined Angling Harvest Tag, a Validation for Upland Bird and Waterfowl hunting, plus a General or Controlled Buck Deer, General or Controlled Elk, General Cougar, General or Controlled Bear and Spring Turkey Tag.)

The next drawing will take place April 19 and winners will be notified by mail. Hunters unsuccessful in the first two drawings (for hunters that applied by Jan. 15 and March 15) will be entered into this final drawing. Only one entry per hunter is allowed, meaning hunters that apply for several controlled hunts are still only entered once.

Hunters can apply for controlled hunts online, at a license sales agent, at ODFW offices that sell licenses, or by mail or fax order using the application found here or on page 15 of the 2010 Oregon Big Game Regulations.

Mail order/fax applicants should allow 7-10 days for their applications to be processed and issued. Remember, to be eligible for the drawing, the controlled hunt application must be issued, not just received, by the drawing deadline (April 15). Controlled hunt applications can be processed and issued immediately online and at license sales agents or ODFW offices.

The deadline to apply for a controlled hunt is May 15 each year. Most applications are received during the last few days. In 2009, only 68,849 of 426,921 total applications received were processed by April 15, 2009. The high volume of sales activity in the last few days prior to the deadline has led to long lines and slowed or crashed the license sales system at times, causing ODFW to extend the deadline in both 2008 and 2009.

The vendor that manages the license sales system is purchasing the Sports Pacs and Non-Resident Hunting Licenses for the winners. ODFW and the vendor will conduct similar drawings in 2011 and 2012, as part of a three-year pilot program to determine if the incentives are helping with early application. As of March 19 this year, ODFW has issued 47,328 fall big game controlled hunt applications compared to 37,761 on the same date last year.

Some of Oregon’s big game hunts are limited entry, including almost all rifle hunting of deer and elk east of the Cascades and pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep, and Rocky Mountain goat hunts. These hunts require a controlled hunt application.

Names and hometowns of winners follow:

  • Darren J Page, Albany
  • Aaron Eason, Albany
  • Gerald F Grover, Baker City
  • Robert G Fouse, Bend
  • Travis J Lulay, Bozeman, Mont.
  • Carol A Creager, Coos Bay
  • David R Oswald, Dallas
  • Scott Erickson, Eagle Point
  • Scott T Tedrow, Estacada
  • Shirley J Jones, Eugene
  • James E Balcom, Eugene
  • Carolyn A Dobes, Keizer
  • Sandra L Boro, Keizer
  • Douglas W Williams, Keno
  • Dustin E Shippee, Lincoln City
  • Beverly J Swartout, Meacham
  • Ronald L Kilby, Medford
  • Jason R John, Medford
  • Brian Harris, Monmouth
  • Tommy Davis, Napa, Calif.
  • Leslie Hunter, North Bend
  • Van H Saechao, Portland
  • Mark E Loebner, Portland
  • Dennis D Crawford, Roseburg
  • Thomas J White, Salem
  • Lynn G Johnson, Sheridan
  • Scott S Iverson, Sublimity
  • Robert W Myers, Tigard
  • Susan J Keesee, Tualatin

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