Wolf Shot On Palouse Just East Of WA Border

A farmer shot and killed a young wolf on the Palouse just east of the Washington-Idaho border near the small town of Farmington.

The incident occurred in early March, according to regional conservation officer Mark Hill of the Idaho Department of Fish & Game.

The man, believed to be a Washington farmer, was checking out his property about 2 miles from the state line at the time. Hill says the man says he threw a stick at the wolf, but it was reluctant to move.

Hill says that the man claimed his dogs were eager to tangle with the animal so he shot the wolf to protect them.

The officer describes the wolf as a 60-pound female; its carcass was being shipped to Boise.

Hill says the man was issued a warning because he didn’t report the kill within 72 hours as required by Idaho law. However, he was probably not aware of the requirement either, he adds.

It’s not unusual to have wolves on the edge of Idaho’s Palouse, Hill says, but the proximity to the Washington border makes it noteworthy.

The two states do share a pack of wolves, the Diamond group, which denned in extreme Northeast Washington last spring and spent approximately 90 percent of its time in the Evergreen State, according to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service’s 2009 report.

Washington has one other confirmed pack of wolves and probably shares a pack with Oregon in the Blue Mountains.

The USFS is investigating reports of wolves above Lake Chelan. A spokeswoman in Spokane told Northwest Sportsman earlier this week that the Department of Fish & Wildlife continues to get reports of tracks, howling, scat and glimpses of animals in Eastern Washington, and says she wouldn’t be surprised to see new packs this summer in North-central, Northeast and Southeast Washington.

The state is working on a management plan to recover the species.


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