North-Central WA Fishing Report


What’s hottest is the trench bite for Mackinaw on Lake Chelan.  Also hot is the troll bite on Roses Lake for planter Rainbows and Tiger Trout.  And finally, the Upper Columbia Steelhead bite has been spectacular when it’s on.

On Lake Chelan, we have been doing best in the lower basin from Rocky Point down to Pat and Mike’s.  The most productive lure has been the venerable Worden Lures U20 luminous chartreuse flatfish on the downriggers.  We also like flatfish off the outrigger rods, but it has been the little F7 in purple glow that has scored on the biggest fish of the day.  Speeds of 1.3 to 1.6 mph will generate the most bites.  The best of this bite has been from about 8:30AM to Noon.  It is a classic “bankers bite”.

Roses Lake boat anglers have been having some of the best surface trolling that you are ever going to see for Rainbow and Tiger Trout.  They will eagerly bite a trolled or cast 1/8 ounce Worden’s Lures Roostertail.  A Mack’s Lures baited wedding ring will produce fish too, sans attractor.  Also, green and black wooly buggers and muddlers in sizes from 8 to 1/0 with an action disk by wiggle fin in front are effective.  Fish for these guys with 4 pound test line on light tackle.  Put a ¼ ounce sinker in front of them just to get your presentation below the surface.  You too, will call these rainbows, mini-marlin.


The Upper Columbia Steelhead fishing continues to be good on Lake Pateros using baited quarter ounce Rock Dancer jigs from Mack’s Lures.  Frankly, some days are better than others.  See this week’s pictures for a shot of 10 of the 22 steelhead brought to the boat on one of the days during this reporting period.  The season will close March 31st.


Your fishing tip of the week is to test those knots before putting them in the water.  It is disappointing to lose a fish to a bad knot.

Your kid’s tip of the week is to fit those lifejackets so they are comfortable.  That will alleviate a lot of fussing and their tendency to remove them.

The safety tip of the week is a simple but often overlooked one.  Remember to pull some line so you have slack before fooling around with your hooks or lures.  Hanging on to them with tension on the line can create an excellent hookset, in a body part.  I’ve seen it happen to loads of fingers and one very memorable nose…


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