Predators In The News

A pair of aggressive coyotes just north of downtown Seattle, “constant” cougar sightings on the northeast side of the Olympic Peninsula, a spike in wolf-killed livestock in Montana, a big cat at the back door.

We’re surrounded!

Well, it’s debatable about who is surrounding whom, but a weird convergence has brought a whole lot of predator stories to the news wires today.

In Magnolia — that area of Seattle between the waterfront and Ballard, and also the place where Phantom the black bear and a cougar roamed last summer — state Fish & Wildlife enforcement officers and federal agents are out to kill or trap a pair of coyotes that appear to have lost their fear of humans. They managed to euthenize one, a 40-pound male, this morning.

Over in Jefferson County, at least three cougars have been shot recently and even more sightings reported, according to the Peninsula Daily News. Cats are blamed for killing sheep, alpacas a llama and other wildlife there. A Fish & Wildlife officer describes the area around Lake Leland as “cougar central.”

The Associated Press reports a “sharp spike” in the number of wolf depredations on livestock in 2009, “fueled largely by a single attack in which 120 sheep were killed near Dillon.”

And we received an email and photo this morning that that shows a dead, bloodied cougar purportedly on someone’s porch in the Coulee City-Wilbur area of Washington. We’re checking on that one.

The cougar problem on the Olympic Peninsula may be related to young animals trying to find their own place in the world while over on Magnolia Bluff, the coyotes have been seen for two months but recently have become more aggressive.

“Many neighborhoods have urban coyotes, and a number of people have lost pets to coyotes, but what makes this situation different is that these coyotes have lost their natural fear of humans and are dangerously approaching people,” WDFW Capt. Bill Hebner said in a press release.

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