Joseph Yabu, a surfperch addict, catches redtails like Buzz Ramsey catches steelhead. And while his standard rig looks complex, it’s actually pretty simple, though there are some tricks to know.

For starters, the 40-pound leader between the barrel swivel and pyramid sinker is passed through both bead-McMahon Swivel sets three times apiece to keep each combo locked in place. The upper should be about 4 to 5 inches below the barrel swivel, the second 18 inches below that; 20 inches should separate the second from the sinker.

All the swivels should be black because Yabu doesn’t want perch nibbling red or shiny chrome materials and giving him false hits.

Perch are not leaders shy, so the hooks should be on 6-inch leaders of 50-pound test so they will stand out rather than hug the mainline.

Yabu uses a 4-ounce sinker because if the sinker is moving around too much, you’ll need to reel it in until it hits one of the underwater troughs where it will stick.

He prefers to bait up with a large sand crab, but 2-inch Berkley Gulp! Sandworms in camo color also work. – Larry Ellis

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