2nd Washington Wolf Pack Confirmed: SR

It’s no longer a “may be.” According to the Spokane Spokesman-Review, biologists have confirmed there’s a second wolf pack in Washington, this one in Pend Oreille County.

Playing a recording of howling wolves at sunrise last Friday morning, a state DNR bio got at least one adult wolf and three pups to howl back, the paper reports today.

Wolves turned up on remote trail cameras in this part of Washington this past spring, including what looked like a lactating female. However, loggers directed biologists to the location where the pack was heard, the paper says.

They say bios will now try to radio-collar on the adults to track their movements.

We’re also waiting for an update on Washington’s other breeding pack, located in the Twisp area. And WDFW is checking on recent reports of wolves in the Blue Mountains.

Meanwhile, the state’s draft wolf management plan will soon be available for comment. WDFW’s Dana Base, a wildlife biologist in Colville, told the Spokesman-Review that the Northeast corner’s deer, elk, moose and small-game prey base can support “packs,” but:

“It will be a balancing act. If wolves start showing up in backyards in Ione or Newport, we’re not going to be able to tolerate that. If they start habitually killing livestock, we won’t be able to tolerate that, either.”

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